Grouchy Chris

Grouchy Chris by Grouchy Chris
Comics from 1991-1999

Grouchy Chris Participates in the Democratic Process!
Grouchy Chris Celebrates a Holiday!
Grouchy Chris Conquers an Addiction!
Grouchy Chris Misses a Deadline!
Grouchy Chris and Clean Steve Play Croquet!
Grouchy Chris Meets Santa Claus!
Grouchy Chris Learns to Drive!
Grouchy Chris Goes Cycling!
Grouchy Chris, Freelance Game Warden!
Another Grouchy Christmas!
Grouchy Chris Moves Into a New House!
Grouchy Chris Gets Attacked by Sharks!
Grouchy Chris Nearly Falls Off the Wagon!
A Grouchy Sort of Reunion
Grouchy Chris Vs. Hale-Bopp!
Grouchy Chris Leaves Town!
Grouchy Chris is On Vacation (1977)
Grouchy Chris is On Vacation (1899)
Grouchy Chris is On Vacation (Pre-Cambrian)
Grouchy Chris Goes Camping!


 Goth House

Goth House by Julie McGalliard
Comics from 1991-1999

Bela Lugosi's Dead and I Don't Feel Too Well Either: Goth House #1
This is Goth House Part 1 Part 2
Like, the Mall, Y'Know? Part 1a Part 1b Part 2a Part 2b Part 3a Part 3b
How I Spent My Summer Vacation Part 1 Part 2
Hangovers Part 1 Part 2
I Love Christmas. Really.
Winter of Discontent Part 1 Part 2
Terra Goes Shopping Part 1 Part 2
The Naked Breakfast Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Goth House is Not Haunted Part 1 Part 2
Guide to Closet Goths Part 1 Part 2
Percival Talks about Being Called a "Goth" Part 1 Part 2

Goth House continues to this day on its official site here.


 Surly Ben

Comics by Surly Ben
Demon Boy Part 1 Part 2
Christmas with Demon Boy
Surly Ben's Last Comic Part 1 Part 2
How to Draw Grouchy Chris

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