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 Throwrug 24

24  End of 1999
Photo & layout by me.  MiKeK, Brian and I drove down I-5 to find the perfect sign.  Luckily, it turned out to be the first one we saw.  What are the odds!

 Throwrug 23

23  Summer 1999
This is a photo of Katherine's mom from September 1958.  Was she the one who painted "Eddie" on the wall?  Historical records are hazy.

 Throwrug 22

22  Fall 1998
Adapted from old clip art, by me.  Each cover was hand stamped with both the title and bellows coloration.  This took very almost forever.

 Throwrug 21

21  Mid 1998 (I guess)
Layout by me, with a photo that I took of a butterfly that Emily found.

 Throwrug 20

20  Early 1998
This is a photograph of my ventriloquist dummy, who I named Maynard.  Although he is clearly mass produced, I have no idea when, or what his real name is, or if he's based on a famous dummy, or what.  He's currently on the top shelf of my closet, staring. Staring.

 Throwrug 19

19  Fall 1997
Designed and illustrated by John Sabotta.  First (and second-to-last) issue with a slick cover.

 Throwrug 18

18  Spring 1997
Designed and illustrated by Mojan Sami.  This uses pink paper with bright orange ink covering most of it -- in real life, almost painfully vibrant.

 Throwrug 17

17  End of 1996
Cover design by Julie McGalliard, followed by me applying to it a very technical graphic design process known as "fucking it all up."

 Throwrug 16

16  1996, sometime in the middle
Illustration & design by me.  The registration was off juuust enough that I went over every cover with a red pen to fix it.

 Throwrug 15

15  1996 -- late Spring? Early Summer?
Photocopied from a piece of scratch paper on which I doodled during a job making cold calls for a carpet cleaning company.  Marks the first (and second-to-last) appearance of Mr. Boodle, Master of Disguise.

 Throwrug 14

14  1995 (slow year, apparently)
Photo and layout by Dave Sullivan, who moved away and from whom we have not heard since.

 Throwrug Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer  Xmas 1994, ostensibly
Drawing by Grouchy Chris, layout by me. Click on the pic for "unfolded" version.

 Throwrug 13

13  Fall 1994
Photo by Tony Gale, layout by me.  This cello player was sitting in the middle of the street when Tony snapped her pic.  No model release, no permission given or implied.

 Throwrug 12

12  Summer 1994
Photo & layout by Jeff Bates, my boss from when I worked at Western Washington University's Publicity Center.

 Throwrug 11

11  Early-ish 1994
Illustration and layout by Damon Miller, a co-worker at the Publicity Center.

 Throwrug 10

10  December 1993
Photo and layout by me.  The foot and pedal both belong to my old bandmate Beau Fredericks.

This issue was originally tabloid size and printed on newsprint and I hated it.  Later I made a few regular sized versions, which is what you see here.  (Click on the pic to see the "unfolded" version.)

 Throwrug 9

9  Fall 1993
By Christian Salas .

"Back to School" issue -- this was the first Fall that I didn't go back to school.

 Throwrug 8

8  Summer 1993
Photo by me.  Yes, we got some ink and painted the pertinent information on Kelli Walter's head.  (We probably should have tested it first to make sure it would wash off.)

Hey, Kelli, you still owe me eighty bucks.

 Throwrug 7

7  Early 1993
Drawn by Daniel Fortine .

 Throwrug 6

6  Late 1992
By Chris Mowrer .

Is that John Goodman?

Yes.  Yes, it is.

 Throwrug 5

5  mid-1992
Photo by Christine Feldman's sister, look-I've-just-discovered-computers layout by yours truly.

 Throwrug 4

4  Winter 1992
This is by Bill Schneider.  I have to say I'm not 100% sure who Bill Schneider is.  I mean, I kind of remember what he looks like (dark hair, right?), but that's about it.  If you're out there somewhere, thanks!

 Throwrug 3

3  Late 1991
Photo by Tom Johnson, one of my art profs at WWU .  Incredibly sensitively added title information by, of course, me.

The model wishes to remain an omnibus.

 Throwrug 2

2  1991.  Summer?
Photocopied postcard.

 Throwrug 1

1  Spring 1991
Photo of some protester, taken from newspaper.  Implied that Throwrug had political content (dude, it never did).

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